"Cuando se multiplicó la muchedumbre de los hijos de la Tierra, fue el centro Cuzamil, la flor de la Tierra, la jícara de la Tierra, el primer árbol de la Tierra, el Corazón de la Tierra”…
Chilam Balam de Chumayel

For more than twenty centuries human occupation in Cozumel has forged the development of the island. The oldest record of human occupation in Cozumel dates back to between 300 BC – 800 AC. During colonial times the island population decreased, with first with the Abrigo de Piratas, when the island was plundered by Pirates, until by the beginning of the 19th century the island was essentially depopulated.

Quien es Jacinta

The arrival of the future came with El Repoblamiento, or the repopulation (1847 - 1860) which originated in the Caste War. The very first uprising of the indigenous people in colonial Yucatan was led by Jacinto Canek in 1761 against Spanish rule. May 1847 marked the first time the Yucatecan government called the Mayan social uprising "de Castas", or from the castes, one of the leaders was the chief of Tihosuco, also known as Jacinto Pat, who enjoyed great respect among the indigenous people. There were long columns of refugees and survivors. Among them was the young Casimiro Cárdenas, from Saban, all of whom were destined to appear in the history of Cozumel.

Fleeing violence and destruction, twenty one families, according to oral tradition, the true Mexican pioneers, took refuge on the island of Cozumel.

They arrived with only baggage as their dreams, and without any more tools than their hands and hard work and determination, just somehow they managed to make the abandoned island, the first Mexican population in the Caribbean in the second half of the nineteenth century.

Quien es Jacinta


JACINTA seeks to be a journey back through time via a memorably restored classic Cozumeleña home located right in the downtown historic center... Being per se, a tribute to the “Repobladores”, or those that had settled the island during the Caste War, remembering – though our name – the reason they arrived, 2 indigenous natives, who once stood up against oppression in search of a better future.

Today, our cuisine gives us the opportunity to intermingle cultures and rescue the link between Yucatan and Cozumel. Surprise your palate with typical dishes of the region a modern global twist.

Our flavors and unique atmosphere create the perfect marriage between a classic home and more modern space, causing the night to resurge on the island, just as one day the “Repobladores”, and their dreams, will arise the dark annals of history.